Panorama — Insights for Library Analytics

Panorama is a modern library analytics platform combining different library data and campus data sets to enable insights that were not possible until now.


Dynamic Visualization and Modern Technology

Leverage advanced visualization and next-generation cloud technology to streamline data and uncover trends and insights.

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Data Security and Privacy

Cloud technology offers scalability and security, while reliable data practices ensure user privacy is maintained.

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Panorama offers one place for all of your library’s data. Combine data from multiple sources and library system types (ILS, SIS, ILL) to create a holistic view.

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Say Goodbye to Disparate Data and Manual Processes

Panorama automates the harvesting of data from your library platforms as well as other campus systems and streamlines the information into dynamic dashboards. With analytics from Panorama, your library staff can achieve their goals, demonstrate the library’s value, and make data-informed decisions around e-resources, collection development and support for new programs.


Improve National Reporting Standards for Academic Libraries

Panorama’s dashboards help libraries gather the data needed for reporting to national standards organizations, such as ACRL, ALA, and IPEDs. Making these kinds of reports easier for libraries and improving data accuracy was a goal of the product development team for Panorama. Libraries can now streamline required data sources into a single dashboard to easily view, download and send to their respective organizations.

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