Fifty years ago, in January 1974, EBSCO Information Services began its journey in Brazil (EBSCO Brazil), marking a significant chapter in the history of the publishing and information market for the country. Throughout this period, the office has experienced transformations that have not only shaped our company but also the landscape in which we operate.

In the first 26 years of the office’s origin, EBSCO Brazil exclusively operated in the traditional subscription agency format. We solidified our position as one of the most reliable companies in the industry, offering services ranging from receiving publications in our JETS system to the careful dispatch of magazines to clients across the country, at a time when the physical format predominated.

This traditional approach not only established us as a trusted reference in the market but also provided a solid foundation to face future challenges. In the year 2000, the entry into digital services marked a fundamental transition in our history, leading us to navigate the waters of innovation amid economic and digital transformations.

From this moment on, significant milestones stand out, such as the transition to online platforms, which profoundly impacted research, reading, and resource management processes. The diversification of services, including advanced search tools, data analysis, and multimedia resources, reflects our relentless pursuit of excellence in supporting research and education. EBSCO has not only witnessed but also influenced changes in research practices and knowledge dissemination.

Constantly innovating, we have adopted emerging technologies, including digital databases, EBSCO Discovery Service, a modern and intuitive search engine and FOLIO, an open-source library management system, further consolidating our leadership in offering modern solutions for efficient information resource management. Our close partnership with academic institutions, publishers, and information professionals has contributed to building a robust and collaborative community.

As we celebrate half a century of existence, we recognize not only our own journey but also the fundamental contribution of everyone who has been part of this history, maintaining our unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. May the next 50 years be equally remarkable and filled with achievements, just like the five decades that preceded us.